In the heart of the Ribeira Sacra

Nuestra bodega

The winery is located in the place of O Mollón, parish Viñoás (Nogueira de Ramuin), in an old stone house, which has adequate facilities for production of 20,000 liters.

We are currently conducting an expansion of facilities that produce up to 80,000 liters allow maintaining our philosophy of limited production. After a first stage in which the wine is distributed exclusively among a very limited circle of friends of the winery (1986/1999), in 2000 we joined the Designation of Origin Ribeira Sacra.

vineyards pombares

Most of the grapes come from our vineyards.

To maintain this structure of own production, Adega do Mollón, S.L. He has promoted a development project supported vineyards in society Terras de Ramuín S.L. which aims to bring together and coordinate the efforts of the area in the production of quality grapes. This society is open to wine producers in the area and today has 15 members.

The predominant red variety grown is Mencía, complemented by Garnacha Tintorera and Tempranillo (recently planted). Among white varieties include Godello as the main variety, complemented by Treixadura and Albariño (planted recently).

History Pombares

The winery Adega do Mollón, and wine Pombares, born in 1986 as a result of a personal initiative of the owners, Antonio Calleja Lameiras and his wife, Montserrat Gómez Novelle.

The family already made wine with grapes collected exclusively from their own vines, from time immemorial, for their own consumption and the rest of his family in accordance with the customs of the Parish of Viñoás (Nogueira de Ramuin), located in the Ourense, Galicia, in northwestern Spain, where wine has been produced for centuries.

Philosophy Pombares

Adega do Mollón, in their eagerness to respond to a secular problem in his parish of Santa Maria de Viñoás, as is the loss of value of their land abandonment that are undergoing promotes the creation of society Terras de Ramuin, today formed by 15 partners, which aims to concentrate, manage and develop the vineyard area through the creation of farms that allow the use of machinery and orderly plantation.

Also, the most suitable varieties, high quality are selected. This project is open to all owners in the area who want to participate.

Facilities Pombares

Adega de Mollón has adequate facilities for 20.000 liters with strippers and stainless steel tanks. We are currently conducting a facility expansion and improvement of equipment (filters, cooling equipment), which will produce up to 80,000 liters, keeping our philosophy of limited production.

The bottling and labeling line has a capacity of 1,200 bottles / hour.